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Contractors Information

Welcome to the Contractors Information page, this is where you will find all the information you require to be able to work within the Tutukaka Marina environment.

Please read the Contractors Manual in full. This manual can be downloaded here for your convenience. 

All contractors working within Tutukaka Marina MUST complete and submit a Contractors Declaration prior to commencing work within the Marina. 

  1. Download the Contractors Declaration form below. This file CAN NOT be edited on the website, it must be downloaded to your computer, saved and then it becomes editable or printed.
  2. Once complete please ensure you rename the file when saving to [YourCompanyName-MonthYear].PDF example: NRC-Mar18.PDF
  3. Then come back here to upload the form using the link Form Upload Here button on this page or return a printed copy to the Marina Office.

Thanks Marina Team