Mediterranean Fan Worm

The Northland Regional Council and Northland Marinas are concerned about the spread of Mediterranean Fan Worm from Auckland marinas into Northland waters.

In co-operation with all Northland marinas an action plan has been drawn up to try to stop the worm becoming established in Northland.

All boats entering Northland marinas and harbours from Auckland will be required to have been anti-fouled within the previous six months or out of the water power washed within one month. Proof of the work being carried out by way of receipts will be required.  On arrival at the marina the visiting boat owner will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire to determine the level of risk the vessel may pose.  If the vessel has been anti-fouled or washed within the prescribed period they will be allowed to enter the marina without any further action.  If they have not been out of the water and are deemed to present a risk the Northland Regional Council will be advised and may send a diver to inspect the hull.  If Fan Worm is found the vessel will be issued with a directive order under the Biosecurity Act and be required to have the boat slipped and cleaned by an authorised operator.  If Fan Worm is not found a certificate of clearance will be issued and the vessel permitted to proceed into Northland with no further action.

While these actions may appear onerous we believe that the majority of boat owners will meet the requirements and understand the necessity for them and not suffer any inconvenience and we look forward to seeing you again over the coming summer season.

Happy cruising,

Tutukaka Marina